Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Star We Are update 2

Shown just below is the first prototype animation that Ray (see below) has created, rotating my prototype for THE STAR WE ARE as it appeared on the eve of 2012. With further artistic and technological refinement, the animation will eventually become a complete rotating sphere, with the Yin and Yang fused together in the Dance of Life, emanating Divine Love.

Since returning January 27 from a month in the USA with Lethea, during which THE STAR WE ARE prototype generated much enthusiasm amongst viewers at Integral Spiritual Experience 3 (ISE3) and others along the way; I'm working on the clear holographic male and female for the second prototype. Filming of the painting and the process is due to commence in early 2012. The plan is to create a DVD including 13 minute playing time on THE STAR WE ARE, as well as documentaries on FREEING THE FEMININE and GROUNDING THE MASCULINE – two major paintings which were forerunners to the present work, along with my SACRED AUM MANDALA, whose main motifs appear in THE STAR WE ARE.
Just below, you'll see images of the eight separate surfaces of the prototype, which Ray combined to produce the prototype video, just above. The prototype paintings and video were completed just in time for the Integral Spiritual Experience 3, which Lethea and I attended over the New Year, an inspiring way to enter 2012. It was great to connect and listen to the Keynote Spiritual Teachers and integral thought leaders such as Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Andrew Cohen, Alex and Allyson Grey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Michael Dowd. They could all resonate with this painting, as I resonated with all they had to present – for the shared goal of all our work is conscious evolution and enlightenment through "Kosmic Creativity," which was the overall theme of the gathering. When I showed THE STAR WE ARE prototype to conference organiser Terry Patten, I said "What we have here is an integral spiritual experience through Kosmic Creativity.
He agreed, adding "Do you realise how huge this is?"


In reality, we humans are multidimensional Star Beings, and our embodied human existence is only part of our spirit's expression. Right now, humanity has its greatest opportunity ever to advance to a higher level of consciousness, while still in our physical bodies. However, many of us are unaware of our true spiritual nature, having been conditioned to believe that our conscious physical waking state here in 3D on earth is all that we are, and perhaps there is an afterlife in Heaven somewhere else. However, after having a pure Kundalini experience, a near-death experience, and an actual Death Experience (described below, and at greater length in Chapter 13 of my draft spiritual autobiographical novel on this website), I have come to understand that we are much MUCH more than that. I AM... I am you, & you are why is there such a mystery?!
To keep us all together on this journey into the depths of meaning contained in THE STAR WE ARE, I feel the need to lead you a stage at a time into the Fifth Dimension (5D). Otherwise, it could be too overwhelming, even though I'm aiming to put us all in a headspin through Light, Sound and Movement intended to loosen and open our Minds and Hearts so we'll all become M.A.D. (Master's of Artist Dementia). Then we won't have a worry in the world, living as individuals in the Family of Oneness through our "Authentic Self" (as Andrew Cohen, whom I met at ISE3, would say), carried on the wings of the "Evolutionary Impulse" -- (Cohen's term for "the energy and intelligence that created the Universe"). In that state of being, we'll be vibrating and breathing with the Earth in the 5th Dimensional frequencies which transcend the denser 4th, 3rd, and 2nd Dimensions. We are all invited to ascend, but not all will accept the wonders and bliss of 5D. It will be nearly 26,000 years before we have this opportunity again. So let's use our power of conscious choice wisely. More on this, below.

I'd like to explain why I am so into this New art form -- where I'm coming from and going with it -- and what it has to do with the evolution of human consciousness. Timing is everything, here in 2012 the time is ripe for transformation -- even though the science of relativity and quantum physics have proven what mystics have claimed for centuries -- that "time" itself is not real. Still, here in the world of form and matter, the Tyme Haz Kum!!!
Along with scientist and author Gregg Braden, I believe that planet Earth and all beings on it are soon to re-enter the Photon Belt for just over 2000 years, after spending approximately 11,700 years in its delusional shadow. This time around we'll be in the Age of Aquarius. The last time (in the Age of Pisces) was early Egyptian times. In spite of the "septic skeptics" who deny the Photon Belt's existence, I'm convinced that as much as predictably as the sun rises each morning, so will Photon's Energy grace us again very, very soon. Entering its crust takes 144 hours and creates phenomena and experiences no one living has ever experienced before.
Are we prepared for that? I say NO!!! Thus this art piece and others I'm planning are here to assist our preparation. Photon (Divine LOVE) Energy vibrates in the 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions. These art works are intended to help re-activate our Thymus gland (believed to be our "Upper Heart") through our 12 STRAND DNA, raising our vibrations so we'll be able to live through the Photon entry period in Love, with easy grace and flow, fully human and humane, as Angels in semi-etheric bodies here in Heaven-on-Earth. Truly!!!


Before I continue, I'll brief you on the origin of my Creative Impulse that drives this project: Back on 29th November 1996, I died (well for 3 hours, at least) from suicide, and experienced not an NDE but a full after-death-experience, and "lived to tell about it" so-to-speak. That is, I returned because I realised it was not "my time" to re-enter the Oneness and remain there, though I would have liked to. It took a three day coma to restore my physical body on re-entry. During that few hours I was clinically dead, in which time and space disappeared for me, with full consciousness I went on an incredible epic journey all the way HOME to my/our Source, the Ground of All Being, to the Crystal Void Core of God's Mind/Heart -- to continue our "conversation" that started during my pure Kundalini experience in 1976.
During my Death Experience, consciously homeward bound in my Spirit Light Body, I passed through and fully re-experienced each of the dimensions and voids (black holes). The experience was orgasmic, exploding supernova sensations like during my Kundalini, a series of "Big Bangs," so-to-speak. I consciously recall ALL; that's what makes me different than many, I guess. I came to realise that this was my -- and is all of our -- Soul purpose: to discover the mystery of SELF and in doing so to discover the real God in myself and everyone else, in an ultimate state of ONENESS.
Since that time, all my art has the goal of pointing a way toward that Ultimate Reality. May this artwork, THE STAR WE ARE, assist in bringing you closer to HOME by assisting you to wake up to your/my/our Authentic Self. To portray the reunion and ignition into Oneness of our perceived dualistic separation (female and male being a primary example of such polarities), I needed to fuse my inner Yin and Yang to become a "NgAnga," a "WoMan."
Through this central image and through symbols from many times and cultures (see next paragraph) which point to the same Truth of our Oneness/Wholeness, I seek to portray the Evolutionary Impulse within us all which is constantly evolving, along with the Universe that We Are. God -- the IS of IS -- depends on us for She/He/It can only evolve through us -- 7 billion unique and Divine expressions of One humanity, one great BEing. Like a huge swarm of single organisms moving with one mind, we must now connect with our deepest Unity -- to live, survive, evolve, and THRIVE.


Now, shall we carry on our merry way Home Sweet Home. This art work has several key symbolic passageways and doorways to the sacred chamber where we ignite in True Love through Sacred Marriage. These are: Sacred Geometry and Sacred Sounds, LED light spectra, Breath, Golden Triangle, Sri Yantra, Aum Mandala, Flower of Life, Eye of Ra, Helix of the 12 Strand Theta Angelic Human DNA, 13 Chakras, the Pentagon, the Gold and Silver Rays, 144 degree Dodecahedron, Etheric subtle bodies and auras. The central image portrays the union of Heaven and Earth, ignited through the Sacred Marriage of the Feminine and Masculine -- the Yin and the Yang. The viewing experience will include shamanic drumming, use of light, sound, colour andmusic to depict the movement/dance of Life. As we experience the completed work through all our senses, we shall grow in consciousness through our encounters each of the elements described above.
To create and film such a complex piece combining several separate images fused together, it's necessary to go well beyond layers on a two dimensional paper or canvas. Thus I'm creating this work on the eight translucent surfaces of four pieces of perspex (plexiglass) which will be rotating, with the addition of Light, Sound and Movement. I require a team, calling upon a Creative Orchestra of Artists, each expert in their fields. For the Sacred Geometry, 5 / 10 sound rhythms, and the Pentagon wisdom, I called upon my dear brotherly friend Grayham Forscutt, who has researched and developed these subjects for more than 30 years. I owe him much gratitude;
for his opinions, wisdom and advice. Also, for the video presentation I deeply appreciate the expertise of visual and sound recording and computer graphics of my dear brotherly friend Ray Parkes. The 5D hologram requires spining at a certain velocity with sound and lights being projected from around the circular frame, as well as from the three core inner points, to coalesce and "ignite" the inner images. This will require an engineering feat, using LED spectrum lighting, audio technology, and complex balance and aerodynamics. OR perhaps the project will evolve from a 2-dimensional spinning disc into a more spherical shape more suitable for spinning without creating a wind turbine!

As currently envisioned, however... on both outer surfaces, I intend to create a spherical visual effect by wrapping the inner hologram (the inner layers) in the Flower of Life symbol -- but not in the normal six-sided hexagonal format which holds us in the Third Dimension. It is only the Pentagon's five sides that enable us to "pop out" from the 3D, through the Zero Point, into the 5th Dimension of Love and Oneness. The Flower symbolises two-in-one: the larger twin Gold Ray petals are the electro Male/Yang and the twin Silver Ray petals are the magnetic Female/Yin. Nature displays this well, you'll often see a yellow and purple pentagon-petal flower. Here you can see that the phi-ratio diamond-shaped gaps between the pentagon flowers form the diamond "Eye of Ra" combining both Yin and Yang, that fractals back to a single pupil/black hole -- the void that contains ALL

Eye of Ra

What we also see here is the Pentagon DOORWAY. In Buddhism, it was through the Pentagon we have Dharmakaya, the Enlightened One.
Just as the Eye of Ra shown above represents the Ground of Being. We (all of life) live It as we constantly breathe. That pause between our every inner and outer breath is the void of God where in no-time we are One in the Ground of Being. We and all of life wouldn't be alive, otherwise. Breathing Love in and out.
Next and most important, on the inside of the outer surface I have painted the 12 strand Theta DNA helix that swirls anticlockwise around the Female and Male bodies. This image is activated as a Kundalini-rising Rainbow Serpent once the images are spun at a certain velocity, with appropriate music. As the image here is spun, the top view of the crown chakra in phi ratio sees the chakra keeps spiralling fractally down through Zero Point (centre at the Thymus) and beyond, to pop the viewer's consciousness into the Fifth Dimension (5D).

12 strand DNA diagram
Crown view dodecahedron

Irridescent helix

Once I paint the larger size image, the pentagonal shapes of the DNA strands holding all information will clearly show. Each one contains hundreds of strands, each running more than 200,000+ functions at the same time -- if you can even imagine that much data. As this occurs, we'll use our full potentials as humans and become super-human as we understand our reality as Angelic beings semi-etherically embodied on Earth.


Much information can be researched on the web regarding the 12 Strand DNA. It is these additional re-activation strands of DNA that mastermind the miraculous human transformation we're undertaking into a higher species of Light, fully prepared to enable us to shift into the 5th Dimension as we enter 2013. It is in this activation that the Eight Master cells of the body, located in the Thymus (upper heart) gland in the central chest converts from 2-strand into 12-strand DNA. This will balance our Yin Yang energies to create a state of androgyny, changing our atoms to be consistent with the degree of Photon Light and consciousness.
Spiritual evolution does not happen without DNA activation. You can compare humanity in its present state of consciousness to having a 12-string guitar for many generations with only two strings left, adapting the best way we could, becoming accustomed to the limited music we could make with two strings. Now, through reactivating our 12-strand DNA, we have symbolically all the strings replaced, to finally be wholesome and to play incredible Divine music and dance in the full rhythms of Life. What a difference -- we can all play! In this 5D we are in Pure Light, manifestation is accomplished by thought alone, no action is necessary.
Once we learn to turn off and on the various strands of our DNA in order to fully use them all to our best advantage, we'll enter our next stage of evolution. As with a 12-string guitar, we don't play all strings at once; we learn to make different chords, rhythms, and melodies. Today's modern techological devices are helping us to think, to adapt, and apply our new capabilities -- it's like learning to play the complete guitar again. Via the Pentagon doorways, we're opening to a new world, unlocking the secrets of the Universe through the Thymus. Our view of the world will be infinitely different.
A picture is worth 1000's of words, it's said, so I don't want to write books on this work, though no doubt I could. The DNA element for transmutation is vitally important. Our DNA is our blueprint of life, that contains every single function inside each of our cells. Sure, most of us are unaware and not interested in current DNA. However, our 12-strand DNA is our Original Divine Blueprint that needs to be restored, for our transformation. We don't have a manual on how to use our body vehicle.
There is the MULTIDIMENSIONAL spectrum of DNA manifestation that we and scientists need to identify, where the additional 10 etheric strands of DNA are available to each human. They were made dormant by the Atlantians during the end times of Lemuria some 25,000 years ago. We've been sub-human ever since. NOW it is time to become fully functional Angelic Humans again. This painting is one small contribution to that process.
The original title I gave my book was "Freeing Ourselves from Mental Slavery... As Only We Can Do." My view, like many, is that it is our ego and conscious mind along with unconscious attachments in this 3D society way of living that inhibits us from evolving spiritually and becoming enlightened.
This artwork is designed to help us transcend beyond our egoic limitations and attachments, to transformatively awaken us to our Multidimensional True Selves, vibrating in the 5th Dimension in conjunction with our Earthly planet that is transforming before our eyes -- to be absolutely fearless, free, and empowered harmoniously in Love.
Well that's enough for now. I'll return to share the second prototype with you soon and talk about the Healing Sounds the ancient Hathors have come to offer. Take one deep relaxing Breath. OM OM OM !!!

The Star We Are update 1

Here I am holding one of the eight completed images for this multi-layered work, painted on one of the eight surfaces of four sheets of clear Perspex (Plexiglass). It shows the back of the universal female within a Phi-ratio "Golden Triangle," which will be facing the complementary image of the universal male. The second image depicts the male half of the six-pointed star which is formed when the female and male images and triangles are viewed together. Photos of all other layers coming soon.

Male outer

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Star We Are

My very latest and current work on the easel is my most involved and rewarding art piece to date.
2D study 5c 2D Study 6c
Appropriately, the painting was conceived in December 2010 at the end of a two day Shamanic workshop on "The Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine," taught by Auckland shaman Elisabeth von Madarasz. However, it is only now, on the eve of 2012, that I feel the timing is right for people to actually see, hear and feel this work, and even step into it.
For those who understand astrology, this timing is during my second Saturn Return -- the 3rd December not only marked my mother's 88th birthday, but also saw Saturn exactly conjunct its position at my birth, right alongside Neptune, with these two major planets straddling my Midheaven (this conjunction only occurs every 29 years, so it always marks an important life cycle change). So it's not surprising I'm inspired to create this potentially-transformative art form at this time.
It is intended to take the viewer on a journey of awakening, to discover and connect to One's full, many-dimensional Self. This is done by taking the viewer from a 2-dimensional image to a 3D hologram; then by spinning it with music (Light & Sound), the art transforms into the 4D and through into 5D, transporting the viewer into further dimensions of Consciousness.
Sure, that may seem bizarre to many, at present -- difficult to imagine and accept, since we're having so much trouble just dealing with our 3D lives while working primarily with 2-dimensional objects. So what's this 5D about? There's much more I could say on this matter, but in a sentence: many spiritually-informed people believe the Fifth Dimension frees humanity from the Earthly breakdowns and modern societies' ills -- including the cycles of death and rebirth. Here we are one with the Pure Divine Photon Light, where manifestation is accomplished by thought or intent alone, whereas on Earth at present, much action is also required, using lots of physical and mental energies.
But into 2013, our entire solar system, including planet Earth, will be vibrating in the 5D frequency along with all life forms on Gaia, as we enter Photon Light energy and Earth's velocity through space nearly doubles. We're going to have to "move on or move off." So the two- and three-dimensional art forms humanity is accustomed to will no longer be able to represent our new multi-dimensional reality.
The completed art work will be a translucent circular piece, 3 metres in diameter, painted on the eight surfaces of four sheets of clear perspex (plexiglass), 3mm thick on the front and back, and 6mm thick on the two inner layers. The refraction of Light passing through the perspex and the gaps between layers plays an important role in the overall effect of the piece. The Female and Male figures, representing the Yin and Yang polarities of Self, will be human size.
At this time in early December 2011, I am creating a prototype, 60cm square, which I'll take to the San Francisco Bay Area on Christmas Day along with Lethea, to share with our peers, visionary artists, and leading edge researchers and teachers of integral/spiritual and scientific/evolutionary consciousness, at the Integral Spiritual Experience 3 conference on "Kosmic Creativity" over New Year 2012.
Since creating an initial sketch, the result of a burst of inspiration during our October 2011 artist residency at Lochmara Lodge (just out of Picton, on top of the New Zealand's South Island), I have been on an incredible journey, tracing the evolution of human consciousness from the very beginning at the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, to the present. This "Sacred Marriage into the Oneness of the Divine" is like creating another Big Bang, which will occur once the electro-magnetic polarities symbolised by the archetypal Feminine and Masculine are plugged in and ignnited in Love.